Last weekend

For a while now I have been very interested in getting a reading done on myself. well last weekend I got my first reading and it was a future perdition on my life….

Its safe to say this perdition reading didn’t have me believing in any of this kind of stuff anytime soon. in fact it just made me mad I spent money on something that in the end just made me question things that hadn’t even crossed my mind.

I went in this with a open mind and I came out speechless but not a wow kind of speechless a what a load of crap. this women who I will not name and shame because each to their own and maybe for some she gets it right. started off with the whole I see in regards to my relationship she saw this man who she said all about what he looked like and said he looked to have grey hair.. Hayden is younger then I am so nope.. she saw us having a boy via c section…we had lorenzo natural and not via c section, she saw us having one girl and one boy. she saw our marriage ending. then she moved onto career. I will say she was somewhat right in this area as I have been stressed about work and what’s the best move for my family. to stay in my career and just study to up keep my skills or too study someone in a different career path and move away from my area I am comfortable with. she said she saw me studying nursing and moving into that career area. she was on the ball with this as I have all my life tossed up being a nurse or joining the police force like my father.

I took this reading having a open mind and what I got in return was me getting annoyed at Hayden and asking a million times over and over again if he still loves me because she saw a marriage ending. this of course drove Hayden mad because I said I wouldn’t listen to what she had to say about relationships and focus on other areas. and their I was crying over a marriage ending that hasn’t even happened yet.

For me I think that was my first and last reading from someone because I’m the kind of person who will actually believe everything a complete stranger says to me. and I did for a section and I really upset Hayden in the process.


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