Our child free night

cropped-img_2626.jpgLast night we had our first baby free night “ALL” night…. I wish I could say it was amazing like I had it planned out in my head but sadly it was a complete fail.

It began amazing and we were so reading and exited to have some us time which we never get anymore. “Not complaining.” my parents agreed to look after Lorenzo for the whole night as he now has been sleeping all night which makes it easy on them. so Hayden and I got exited and planned to go out for dinner and a few drinks and planned to stay out late and just enjoy ourselves well this is how I night actually went.

Before we even got out the door I had a total fat moment and covered our house with all the clothes I own and everything I put on I just didn’t feel comfortable or nice in. once I had finally picked a outfit that I really still didn’t like but I went with it, I began the task of putting on make up and doing my hair. this used to be something I enjoyed but since just rather go bare faced most places with my hair in a bun. we booked our uber and off we went.

once we got into the city from our house their was lots to see and do and i began to feel good and happy. their was live music playing so we decided to sit and watch well we waited for our friends for dinner. our dinner and the company were great and we moved onto drinks and just being social. we soon parted ways with my friend and her partner and went back to the music as they had a bar their. turns out they were only serving different kinds of beer and  we both are not big beer drinkers. so we decided to move on to bar number two. On the walk I did the mum thing and called to check on how Lorenzo was doing.. Hayden wishes I didn’t because it was here our night came to a crashing stop. turns out Lorenzo was not having a bar of sleep which for a baby who has been sleeping through the night pretty much since one month old I of course turned my mum mode back on and began to worry. this soon kicked the vibe and we began to get a taxi home so we could be near by my parents house if they Lorenzo needed to come home, we were home by 8pm.

Once we were home we got told that Lorenzo had finally fallen asleep so we regretted leaving but we knew we were so tired and just wanted to sleep. well turns out this mamma doesn’t sleep well without her son near by. I tossed and turned all night and even woke at 5am so I didn’t even sleep in… I couldn’t wait to see my son so by 7am we both got in the car and pick our baby up.

And that is the moment we both knew that we love our new life as a family and much rather a night with our boy then a night away from our boy. And that we won’t be trying sleep overs until Lorenzo is much much older.

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