I miss pregnancy

img_1112-1Don’t get me wrong I love having my son and I can’t believe I get to wake up to his cute as a button face every dam day! BUT I see Lorenzo getting bigger and older and my newborn is slowly leaving. Surely I am not the only mamma who feels this way.  My pregnancy was changeling at the best of times and I hated every bit of it to be honest with you all but I would do it all over in a heart beat to just have a second baby and yes secretly hoping for a little girl to complete our wolf pack of a family “and so I’m not out numbered by boys.”

But when I was pregnant I did enjoy some aspects and these are those things.

  • Having a baby bump! I miss that free feeling of not caring about makeup and feeling acceptable to actually go out in your pj pants if you really wanted too because you have this big old bump that makes it some what socially acceptable.
  • The naps! they were the best part… I think I slept pretty much my whole first trimester and I have no shame about it. I was sleeping on my lunch breaks, sleeping after work, sleeping before and after dinner, I would go and nap at family events and it was great.
  • Dam that glow girl! No pimples no redness on my face, I actually looked better without makeup on. it was amazing and I actually spent most of my pregnancy make up free. but this was short lived because as soon as Lorenzo was out of me DAM did my skin not take that very well.
  • The cravings… Oh man the food! No wonder I was two weeks overdue Lorenzo was too busy enjoying the buffet of all you can eat and get away with it. again I am now working hard to fix all the bad habits I made well pregnant but I still don’t regret any of it.
  • Oh the first time you feel your baby kick or move around is honestly the best feeling in the world. I miss feeling those moments but I am so glad I videoed the last few times his would kick and move around so I will always have that memory.
  • Ladies if you want your husband to do things around the house, just be pregnant. Hayden did EVERYTHING and no I did not force nor make him too he just got up and cooked, cleaned, did the washing… Did I probably milk this out a lot OF COURSE.

Honestly I could go on and on about the pros of being pregnant and why I miss it so much but its just making me have every emotion under the sun and my ovaries just need a break and time to heal from a very hard first pregnancy before I force them to do it all over again.

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