Our family weekend

img_2644As our weekend is coming to a end and Hayden and I are both beginning our night routine with Lorenzo we are both reflecting on our big filled family weekend and how we both are loving our new lives with our son and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

On Saturday we took Lorenzo to the beach so that he could touch sand and water for the first time, needless to say that day was just perfect. we walked along the water and Lorenzo dipped his little toes into the sand and water and seemed to enjoy it because he cried when we took his feet out and stopped as soon as Hayden put them back in.

As we were walking along the water Lorenzo seemed happy and content watching daddy kick the water with his feet, I found a sea shell that was easy for him to grab and placed it in his hand so that he could feel the texture. we ended our beach walk with fish and chips sitting under the trees in the shade as a family.

On Sunday Lorenzo and I had a mummy & son morning and met up with family friends at the local markets, Lorenzo slept most of the time but mummy enjoyed herself and even bought a children’s book for only $3 for Lorenzo. I love the little finds you can get when it comes to children’s books, and some are actually well kept. Then our afternoon was spent getting some cardio in and going for a long walk which again Lorenzo had a night good old sleep for well this mumma did the walking up the hill. We visited my sister and her partner where daddy was helping out for the day fixing things around the house.

We can’t wait for next weekend as it brings some new and very exciting times for our household. Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

And if you want to see photos of our travels from our fun filled family weekend make sure you are following the newmummy94 Instgram page


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