Helpful tips for new mums

The first few months are one big blur and you sometimes forget what day it is. Being a new mum is a learning curve and takes up about 90% of your time and the other 5% is taken up by household chores you really don’t want to do and much rather be catching up on sleep. Here are a few saving time tips or some mothers might call lazy tips to just being a straight up boss lady. because being a mother is hard and even if you want to believe some women have their shit together they don’t.

Can I just firstly say How amazing all mothers out their in the world are! because I learnt the hard way just how much work goes into being a mum. it’s not all about looking after your child and heck I only have one! those women out their that have two or more I  want to buy you guys a bottle of wine and just stand their clapping because I honestly don’t know how you do. Hayden seems to think he has it more harder then me sometimes… does anyone want to hit their baby daddies some time or is just me… I love him but boy I wish we could change places for just a day and then see what he thinks then. he gets to go to work all day, that sounds amazing too me. he gets a baby free day all day five days a week for a good 8 hrs, he then comes home and helps out but Lorenzo is only 3 months old so his bed time is at 6 pm every night so Hayden only gets 3 hrs of my 13 hr days with him. And yet he always comes home to a clean house, clean clothes, made bed and I did all that well looking after our 3 month old and this is how. Also Hayden I know you read my blogs I do love you very much and in no way “Kinda” bagging you out.

Helpful Time Saving Tips:

  • For the first few months get youfoodz or something along those lines because lets face it who really want’s too cook dinner after having a long day both you and your husband worked hard. and I don’t trust Hayden cooking because it probably would be meat pies and bake beans all the time… We love youfoodz because it’s already cooked and only takes 2 mins in the microwave and your done and the best part is it’s healthy so your eating a well nutritious diet and you don’t have to cook and less cleaning in the kitchen. But if you enjoy cooking and want to not spend the extra money on youfoodz Hayden and I also meal prep on Sundays and just have all our meals pre made for the week ahead.
  • When washing all the baby clothes and yours when wet put on hangers and then hang them up in the sun via hangers. this saves all that time putting all the baby clothes on the hangers and into his or hers draws.
  • If your baby is formula feed like mine pre make the bottles of course not with the formula all in it etc. But fill the bottles up with water, fill the formula separators with the correct formula and have it all ready for the feeds when it’s time.
  • To save time of washing and not doing two loads one for the baby and one for you, buy the eco brand and just wash all together, but I don’t put Hayden’s work clothes with Lorenzo’s clothes.
  • with each nap your child takes pick a area of the house to clean. for example his morning nap is when I do the bottles and clean the kitchen, his middle nap is when I clean the floors but I don’t mop until Lorenzo is in bed, and his last afternoon nap which is his long one is when I clean the bathroom, his room, living room and get in a load of washing. I find it so much easier this way and that way I’m not stressing because the whole house is not getting done in that one nap time frame. I have titles so I actually have to clean them everyday and its rather annoying.
  • If you just want five minutes in the afternoons Hayden sometimes just goes on the afternoon walk with Lorenzo by himself and I stay home and take a shower and just have five mins with a baby not in my arms.
  • plan ahead. so if you know you are going to the shops the next day pre pack the baby bag so it’s all systems go the next day.
  • When you go food shopping, drop your baby off with someone so you can just go in and get it done and leave.

These really helped me and are still very much helping me getting through the day. what are some time saving tips you do to help save just two minutes of your day.


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