When is a good time to transfer your baby

This is a question I have asked myself time and time again when should I transfer Lorenzo into his big boy cot in his own room. But every time I think or go to do this I get massive mum guilt or I worry that something will happen and I won’t make it too his room in time then I just cry because I don’t want my baby to ever leave me but I know he one days needs to transfer to his own room. So when is the best time….

I told myself that when Lorenzo was sleeping the whole night and not waking that’s when I would move him to his own room… well he has been sleeping the whole night for a while now and I just can’t seem to part ways.

I’m two sides about this, One side I keep telling myself I don’t want to move him too late or he will never leave and I also start work full time again in a months time and I also want my own space back and for Hayden and I too have our own space as well. But at the same time I already miss him being a newborn and think he is growing way too fast and I just feel safe knowing his right near me. I know I’m probably not the first mumma to have and feel all these crazy emotions.

I was reading a story on google which was titled “How to tell when baby is ready for their own room.” But this story just confused me because Lorenzo is meeting all the signs they say to be ready. Lorenzo sleeps on his tummy, Lorenzo sleeps all night, His room is right next to ours so he is close and safe. This just made me sad a little because I know he needs to be moved and that he is ready but for my own selfies needs I just want him in my room forever which I also don’t want at the same time! I’m just very up and down about everything.

This story gave helpful tips to transfer and it begins off with only day naps in his big cot in his room until he gets used to the room then to transfer over for the nights as well.

Lorenzo will be 3 months this Friday so maybe next week I will start But my question for all you mummies out their when did you transfer and do you think I should or should I wait…


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