Why I began reading books to Lorenzo before he was born.

When I was pregnant I began buying books and Hayden and I both took turns in reading to my belly and we have continued this from before birth to now. And here is why!

One day I came across this women who was pregnant and she too began reading to her unborn child and I thought that was a very sweet bonding moment between mother and baby I honestly didn’t see anything more too it.

But when I was pregnant I came across this article that reminded me of her and I googled the benefits to reading to your unborn child and turns out she was doing so much more then bonding.

The article I came across was from green child magazine and I really recommend the read. The article made some good points for reading to your unborn baby.

Turns out reading helps develop early language learning and helps words recognition and a positive bond between parent and child.

Studies also show that’s it’s a great way from your child to calm down and in-wind before sleep so it’s a smooth and easy transition.

But the main reason I continue to read to Lorenzo is that it helps your child have early interest in learning that carries over the later years.

I do believe their is some truth to this article as from day one Lorenzo has been very switched on and has been reaching all his milestones earlier or right on time. He responds well through talking & singing. So I really do believe all the reading and on going learning activities I do with Lorenzo has been helping heaps.

As a educator I highly recommend reading to your children and as a new mum I encourage you to try at least once a week to read to your child and if your pregnant their is no harm in reading to your unborn baby.

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