Our second leap

I don’t why these leaps or growth spurts keep surprising me because by now I should be expecting them but here we are.

Lorenzo will be 3 months tomorrow which stay tuned for his 3 month update because it’s actually a massive one that’s taken me a few days but I’m so excited to finally share that blog with you all tomorrow.

But yes Lorenzo is 3 months tomorrow and with each new month the week of he always goes funny. I make it out to sound like he is a vampire or something… but no really he might as well be this time round, waking at 3:40am but going back to bed at 4-5am? I’m just as confused as you guys. He has had 4 naps a day but other days he is back to normal routine. I might say he still is going to sleep at the normal time every night which does make it a little easier on me. But because he is waking at 1am for that feed again which had stopped and then waking again at 3:30am ish. This mumma is one tired little mumma!

I’m hoping it’s like all the other leaps and by the weekend is he fine.

Please tell me I’m not the only mummy!?

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