Great cost efficient activities for babies

As a educator we are always trying to make activities fun, educational and cost effective. Now that I’m a mum myself I am trying to add these into how I interact with my son, you don’t need to spend heaps of money on toys.

These activities are for baby’s from 0-12 months. Babies love exploring so think outside the box, they are easily entertained by cups or straws or even a box!

  • Edible play dough – did this with the babies at work and it was a hit! And it’s all safe for baby’s to eat
  • Make your own busy board
  • Cook up some spaghetti, get a cardboard box, pour spaghetti in and let your baby go nuts! And to make it more fun add some food colouring but watch your baby if you add food dye.
  • Home made finger paints
  • Water play add household items and water
  • Muffin tin and some balls
  • Old tissues boxes with objects inside for them to pull out or shake
  • Fill two bottles up one ice cold water one warm and just let your baby touch and feel
  • Household mirrors
  • Home made sensory bottles out of old milk bottles filled with dry pastas or Pom poms.
  • Bubble wrap taped to the floor
  • Balloons
  • Drum circle with all your pots and pans
  • Buy zips and cut out a side of the box, glue zips onto cardboard and let your baby go wild
  • Shine lights on the walls and watch your babies facials

honestly you can do anything, old toilet rolls and just let them play with them. You don’t need all these fancy new baby toys… babies love anything you give them to play with!

Helpful tip Pinterest is a amazing resource use when you’re looking for easy ideas for your kids 99% of educators and teachers ideas are based off Pinterest and extended from how that child took interest!

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