Review on cloths nappies

When Lorenzo was a newborn I bought all these cloth nappies and was way to scared to try them. Well I have finally had the courage to try them out and safe to say they are not sticking around which makes me sad. I love using them when I’m home but out and about it’s really hard.

Here are some pro and cons to cloth nappies


  • Great for the environment
  • Soft on your babies wee bum
  • Easy to clean once you get the hang of it
  • Way more absorbent then store bought nappies.
  • Very cute patterns
  • Saving money
  • They hold everything in longer


  • Time consuming
  • Lots of washing I guess your using your money right their in washing and the cost of all this.
  • Hard to find the pads that go inside I can only find the Liners in big w ( AUS) or online

Besides the prod & cons I actually enjoy the cloth nappies for Lorenzo because if your baby is like mine and suffers from eczema which Lorenzo’s seems to be in the nappy area and arms the most the cloth nappies have actually really helped bring that down a little I guess the soothing feeling of natural cloth rather what nappies are made of does help.

But I understand why people give up because it’s a lot of hard work trying to keep up with cloth nappies, I wash mine every night so that they don’t stain in anyway and I guess if you don’t want to spend your time doing this then it’s not for you. But I like my little part I’m doing for the environment and I think I might last a little longer with the cloth nappies.

So my overall review don’t knock it until you try it! But be prepared for the extra time on top of the little time you already have because your baby is hard work already.

The brand I’m using for anyone interested is spots n dots a online cloth nappy shop and I highly recommend them.

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