Ergo baby – Aura wrap review

I had always heard of these eco friendly wraps for you and your baby and have always wanted to try them out and finally I could.

Packaging & price:

I bought my Aura wrap from babies R us and the retail price was $80. The packaging was easy and even comes with very detailed introductions. I think the price is good for what the product is and the packaging.

Style & comfort:

The style of my Aura is very gender neutral and stylish and goes with whatever I wear too. The Aura wrap gives me great support and comfort for my back.

Does Lorenzo like it:

Whenever Lorenzo is being fussy or is tired as soon as I put him in our Aura wrap he is a completely different baby and falls asleep straight away. He also seems to enjoy the feeling of being tight and snuggles into me.

Easy or hard to put on:

For a first time mum at first I found it hard and it took me a few tries to finally get it right, the only bad thing I would have to say about the Aura wrap is that it’s not a quick process of putting on and if your in a hurry it does take a few minutes to put on. But it’s worth the wait because Lorenzo calms straight down when in his Aura wrap.

My overall experience with our Aura wrap is that I would definitely recommend it to any mothers out their because if the only think I have to fault is how much time it takes to put on then it’s clearly a winner.

Out of 10 I would give it a 10 out of 10 easy and the company that made the Aura wrap definitely thought about the mother and baby.

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