Finding us

Before pregnancy & Lorenzo Hayden and live a very luxurious lifestyle of going on date nights every weekend, gold class movies, nice clothing, trips to Melbourne.. now we spend our money on nappies, formula, baby items and save the rest for future plans. Our lives have definitely changed dramatically!

But would we go back to that.. the answer is no, yeah sure for a day maybe just so we can sleep all day and night but not the other stuff. We love the new us!

We love doing family events, going to the beach, park walks after work, going to my parents for dinner a lot. We call each other the 3 cheeky monkeys. We love our new night routine of bathing, cuddles with our son well reading and feeding. We finally feel complete.

We always find ourselves asking why we didn’t find our life boring before doing the same stuff all the time, same boring routine always home watching home & away sitting on the couch. Now we can’t picture ourselves without children and we love it. We feel complete

We were very ready for this chapter of our life and we are so ready for the next season and the one after that. Being our little cheeky family is what makes us whole.

This is the new us. The people who communicate better, the people who work together as a team, still the people who fight and disagree sometimes but definitely a whole lot less. It’s us against the world 🌍

This photo was the day I left hospital after giving birth five days earlier.

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