Mum confessions

Being a new mum has thought me some hard life lessons about parenting and life in general. So here is all the mummy confessions for you guys!

I learnt the hard way that parenting is not as easy as I thought it was going to be, I look back on my pregnancy blogs and laugh at myself for ever thinking that I would have my son on a routine from get go, that he would be a good sleeper and all that jazz… because it’s definitely not as easy as I thought it would be!? Clearly was dreaming. Because some days are just hard, some days you wake up and really don’t want to adult today let own be a parent and that’s ok! It’s ok to have days like that, it’s ok to think parenting is hard it’s apart of being a parent! And unfortunately I learnt this after I put myself down about it all.

Also it’s ok to get help… doesn’t make you any less of parent. This I also learnt too late but definitely will remember for baby number 2. I used to think I had to do it alone that it just needs to me Hayden and I and baby Lorenzo… I was very stubborn accepting help from family members and I guess in return this made me very sleep deprived because I was the one up all day and night with him because I wouldn’t let my family try and help just so I could sleep.

Because I was so sleep deprived this turned my new found mummy hormones like a pin ball machine. I would cry I would get hot headed I would happy cry and I would get frustrated, I was so mean at times to Hayden some days I would get angry at him because he got to sleep all night then go to work and that’s all I wanted to do.

I would google everything! I would google silly things like how many times does a newborn poo, how much sleep does a newborn need, is it normal to feel hormonal, why is my hair falling out. Sometimes google is not your best friend and you just need to put trust in yourself and being a new parent and if anything is actually wrong take your child to see a doctor don’t just google.

For example I googled why my baby screamed when breastfeeding, I tried everything google had to offer it wasn’t until Lorenzo was two months old and I saw the doctor after seeing the child health nurse that I learnt he couldn’t stomach dairy.

Breastfeeding is hard and not for everyone, and sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves about breastfeeding and other mothers can be a little judgmental. But at the end of the day as long as your happy, your baby is fed and happy that’s all that matters. Fed is always the way

Don’t be so hard on yourselves you are doing an amazing job! This is one thing I’m still struggling with, I always worry that my baby isn’t happy or needs more food, sleep or I’m not playing with my son as much as I should be. But I’m constantly reminded that at the end of everyday when I look at his little happy face sound asleep I’ve done a good job for today and tomorrow is a new day.

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