Lorenzo it’s time

3 months of co-sleeping has come to a end and this mumma is kinda sad about it.

We have been together since day one Lorenzo and I even slept in the same bed for a little while but it’s just getting to be too hard on us and him having him in our room at nights.

He self soothes now but still wakes at night but lately he has been waking more than usual and we finally worked out why. The other night i went to bed at 9pm and Hayden stayed up watching tv, I walked into the room and closed the door and got into bed, Lorenzo heard me come in and began to start tossing and turning and woke up. I tried to get him to go back down but he knew I was their, once I left the room he went straight back to sleep. But was woken up by Hayden who thought he wanted wake again… I ended up feeding him and putting him to sleep. He really didn’t need that feed but he wasn’t going back to sleep unless he had that bottle. I ended up waking 3 times that night and soon got over it.

We have already been slowly transitioning him to his own room with him having day naps in his cot in his own room but I just couldn’t do nights… until now

This is only day two of him in his own cot and last night was hard for me as he woke twice and I had to walk to his room and back to mine just go feed him, our original plan was to keep him in his room until he sleeps through the night so I wouldn’t be walking the hallway at night but he just isn’t sleeping well in our room anymore.

I have to say tho although he is waking for a feed and I’m more tired then ever because I keep jumping up from my bed to her room he definitely has improved a little by being in his own room.

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