Mum melt down

I finished watching my show, looked at time and turned to Hayden and said I’m going to bed.

I got up walked to the kitchen boiled the kettle, made up bottles, put formula into the formula holders, checked on Lorenzo then I actually went to bed. That’s when my melt down started.

I began venting to Hayden, not getting angry with him in anyway but just venting because I’m learning that I need to vent sometimes and then I just feel better afterwards.

I began venting about how hard everything is, how I relished I don’t have time to myself anymore. I began talking about my day to day stuff and how I don’t get five minutes on the couch anymore. Some days I just miss having my hands free and personal space. Then I began crying even more for even crying about being a mum because i love being Lorenzo’s mum.

I hope I’m not alone

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