Why I don’t have many mummy friends


Not for the obvious reason that I’m the second out of my friends to have a child as I am still in my early 20’s and most of my friends are still enjoying their younger years which I’m sure when I’m old and grey I may or may not resent but for now I am content.

When I was pregnant I was so excited to expand my social circle and get out of my bubble I was way too comfortable in, I began making new friendships at work which was kind of nice, I began my newmummy social network and began connecting with all you other mummies and I was really enjoying it. But the judgment soon followed not so much from social media when I was pregnant it was more from my mummy friends in the real world. I knew they didn’t mean it in a negative way but everyone had to give me advice and it stressed me out then came motherhood and that was a whole different ballgame. The judgment only got worst for mothers on social media and off social media.who knew the way I feed my baby, interact with my baby, dress my baby and even how my baby sleeps would become a hot topic for some mothers out their.

This is why I still chose to connect mostly with my friends who have no children and are still living their best lives in their early 20’s. they don’t judge because they are in the same boat I am which is learning when I’m learning, I find it easier to vent to them because they don’t get it but they do at the same time and as weird that sounds that’s exactly what I need as a new mum right now, someone to bring me back to reality, someone to tell me I’m acting crazy when I don’t see it, someone to tell me I’m yelling at Hayden too much or that Lorenzo is doing just fine and I’m going too over-bored or someone to tell me I need to do more with Lorenzo. I love that when I hang out with my friends that don’t have children because when I go out with them for a hour of my day that’s when I feel semi normal and that’s the time I don’t have to keep my mum cap on and for an hour I get to put on my I’m 24 cap and talk about boys, work and just random things and not the color of my son’s poo.

I still would love to try and connect with some mum friends but like how do mother’s meet other mother’s. it feels like dating all over again, do you meet them at play dates, at coffee shops or the park… and How do you start a conversation without looking like a freak.. As you can see I need more practice in the making mum friends field area. But until then I’m still content having my circle of friends mostly be non mothers so I think I might just ease into the motherhood game.


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