Postpartum skin care

When I was pregnant I had the best glowing skin it was amazing! I felt so comfortable going out and doing my day to day tasks makeup free.

But since giving birth and my body finally back on normal routine my skin has been horrible! I guess all those bad foods I didn’t care I was eating finally kicked in. But my skin has changed along with all the extra lumps and bumps.

When I was pregnant I had very dry skin, now I have oily skin so my normal face products I use have been leaving my skin red and my breaks out 10x worst than before.

I was using these body shop products

And when I was pregnant they were amazing on my skin, some days I would wash my face with these right before I went out the door for that extra glow effect.

But sadly they no longer agree with my skin after baby. My breaks outs have been so bad that I’ve tried a few things but nothing so far has improved it and only made it worst, that is until I found this product.

I was at the chemist picking up my sons formula when I found myself in the beauty section. I don’t know what grabbed me about this product but something did.

I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m starting to see a slight difference, not any major changes as of yet but I’m already loving the results it has.

What are some of your facial nighttime routine for skin care? I would love to here all about them.

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