Lorenzo’s 3 month night routine

Lorenzo night routine has stayed the same routine since he was two months old. Out of all Lorenzo’s change of routines and growth squats I’m so thankful he has never changed up his night routine too dramatically, he might routine is pretty simple and easy.

Our nights start at 4:30pm

Lorenzo starts getting fussy and he is starting to get tired. But I’ve found the hard way that if he goes to bed before 5:30pm he wakes twice a night and then before the sun is even up in the morning. But if he goes to bed 5:30pm – 6pm he sleeps all night and wakes at 4:30am for a feed then goes back down at 5am- till 6am. I’ve tried a dream feed to try and get him to sleep until 5am but Lorenzo has never been good at those and wakes and thinks it’s play time, so this routine definitely works best for our household.

4:30pm I leave Lorenzo with Hayden and I go set his room up for bed, I turn on his sleep music, turn on the night light & get his pjs and towel ready to go for bath time.

Once the room is set up I run his bath which he is definitely out growing

Lorenzo has baby eczema so we use a goats shampoo for him and it definitely helps.

After his bath i let him have some air time with no nappy on for about five minutes after I dry him, then I began to moisture him, again we use a eco friendly one that helps his skin, we tried the goats one but honestly the smell sets me off.

Once he is dressed and ready for bed when I’m feeding him a bottle we read a book together as a family

Lorenzo self soothes to sleep so I burp him and put him and tuck him into bed and he cries for five minutes sometimes less and he is out like a light at around 5:40pm

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet night routine.

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