My views on technology with children

When I was pregnant I swore I would never let Lorenzo watch tv from a young age or have a iPad until he starts school…

Again I said so many things but was blissfully unaware of what it’s actually like being a mother, My views on technology use have since changed but here is why.

although I still think too much screen time is bad I don’t think technology is bad if it’s used in the correct form. For example I give Lorenzo five minutes everyday of screen time but it’s only watching a baby similar video that shows bright colours & textures. This helps his growth.

By two months of age your baby starts to see colours but before they hit two months all they can see is black & white. The baby video I love to play for Lorenzo is called,

“baby sensory” on YouTube by hey bear. This video is great for his development it shows bright colours on a black screen and the colours are all different shapes and textures. But as far as technology use for Lorenzo that’s as far as I take it. Too much screen time is also bad and harmful for young children too.

Technology with children is 50/50 it’s great in some areas but too much screen time is also bad for their little brains and how they develop. But as a mum I know how nice it is those five minutes when they are busy watching you can get dressed, feed yourself, pee and maybe clean a little.

So I guess my whole view on technology is that it’s not all bad and I’ve learnt from my own experience to not judge a book before reading it.

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