3 months postpartum

I’ve been tossing up if I should do a 3 month postpartum update or not.

I’m not overly impressed with myself and didn’t want to update anything but I’ve always been honest with everything on my blog and I’m going to continue with that.

After Easter I just lost all motivation which I knew was going to happen it was so hard Easter weekend to stay healthy. I had already pre asked people no Easter eggs this year but my family doesn’t remember these things.. so of course I ate all my chocolate. Then I think any couple would relate to this, all the food between both family lunches.. his family lunch and mine that’s double that bad food I couldn’t say no too.

After Easter weekend I stopped my healthy eating and at some point stopped my daily exercise routine.. I probably was only exercising every 3rd day and only eating healthy at dinner time because we were still on youfoodz.

But I weighed myself the other day which I normally don’t do as I find it more reliable going by the way your clothes fit rather then the number on the scale because they don’t count in for muscle weight etc. but I am a firm believe in weighing yourself for motivation when you need it. I’m not a heath expert but for me when I’m going off track or having been eating bad and I know I have but can’t seem to stop, my reality check is jumping on the scales. I know it sounds horrible but it’s the only way I stay focused.

When I jumped back onto the scales this week I felt horrible. The 8kgs I put on during pregnancy and lost I had put right back on again. I felt horrible and annoyed with myself so that day I began my journey again.

I weighed myself yesterday not to see my weight change as it hasn’t even been a full week But to add motivation again. And I was surprised to see I’ve already drop 1 whole kg. I moved the scales to see if maybe they were out ( that’s how much I didn’t believe them.) but the same weight came back up.

I was happy and this just added fire to the fuel and I just want to keep losing weight and feeling good. So hopefully my 4 month postpartum update is a whole lot of wow! For you all.

But besides my healthy lifestyle theirs heaps to update you guys on with my 3 month postpartum.

  • Hair loss is getting bad.. ” how am I not bald.” Or I’m just long overdue for a haircut
  • My skin has been breaking out like a teenage boy getting his voice
  • My lady friend made her return but I’ve never been so happy to see her! I feel normal again.
  • My boobs have been sore again and I swear are leaking a little.. ( Lorenzo is not breastfeeding)
  • Having sore back problems a lot and I think this is side effects from childbirth.

But I definitely feel like me again and that I’ve gotten the hang of being a mother.

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