Why I chose wooden over plastic

When I first had Lorenzo I really didn’t see the big deal between buying wooden and plastic toys but the more wooden items I’ve been buying for his room the more and more I’m loving wood over plastic.

Lorenzo’s toy box is slowly becoming more wooden toys rather plastic and here’s why.

  • Wooden toys feel nicer and seem to last longer then plastic.
  • Wooden seems to last longer because they don’t break as easy.
  • They are more environmentally friendly
  • Wood is safer for babies as they love to put toys in their mouths
  • From a mum point of view they just look nicer then the cheap plastic toys
  • Wooden toys have a more educational style to them.
  • Wooden toys are timeless it’s something that you can keep for years and maybe even pass down to your kids children.
  • Wooden toys offer imagination for children because they come with more variety such as school buses, food etc
  • Wooden toys encourage hand & eye coordination and if you really think about it helps with gross motor because they have a bit of weight to the toys over plastic.

Their is just so many beautiful wooden toys out their that parents aren’t buying their children because they don’t make sounds like their child likes or some mothers don’t actually realise the benefits to wooden versus plastic.

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