Plans for may

I’ve decided to try a new thing in life. For each month I’ve decided to set a little bucket list for myself and try to do all these things. I know it sounds weird but I think this might be my best idea yet, this way I can stay focused on my goals and maybe feel some what accomplished by the end of the each month and maybe even by the end of the year.

My bucket list for may is very short and sweet.

The first thing is too workout everyday, not to lose weight ” although that would be a bonus.” But I went and saw the movie I feel pretty and I actually learnt so much from it. The one thing I know about myself is that I’m a lot more confident and happy when I’m exercising I definitely think it’s true when they say that when you take care of yourself it brings out those happy and healthy hormones and toxins inside of you.

I’ve decided to take time away from my Facebook account and personal Instagram, although this blog and the newmummy brand has turned from hobby to business so it won’t effect my second job I will however be setting rules for myself.

Once it hits 7pm every night I will go put my phone down and on charge in the room and spend that hour before I go to bed not on my phone and not enjoying the one hour I get everyday to myself because I don’t me time until Lorenzo has gone to bed at 6pm every night and even after he has gone to bed that’s when I clean bottles/ clean the kitchen and clean the bathroom after bath time with him, then I get to sit down and relax.

The reason I’ve decided to take time away from social media is because it’s starting to have a negative effect on my health and wellness, it’s bringing out the negativity in me and I’m slowly not enjoying the person I’m becoming.

I used to have a bookshelf over flowing with books and I used to read all the time then social media took over and I stopped reading and now I look around my house and I don’t have my books or my bookshelf and I miss reading I miss picking up a book and getting lost in the stories I used to live for those romance books and would get so into one of those books I would finish it in a week because I would pick reading over sleep.

Those are my 3 goals for may and I cannot wait to come back at the end of may and report back on how it all went!

If you too want to join me in the month of may. Tell me the 3 things on your bucket list and we will do this together!

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