Finally getting the hang of it

3 months in and I can finally say that I’ve got the hang of this whole mother stuff. I still have those hard moments and I’ve cried on the floor a few times still but I’ve gotten better with time.

Some women find motherhood comes naturally to them for me it took some time I think at the start for me it genuinely felt like Lorenzo was one of my babies at work in my room that I was babysitting but thankfully he is all mine.

But you just start picking up on little things along the way and you start to notice and take note of cues and what works for you and what doesn’t. For example I’ve learnt the hard way that if Lorenzo goes to sleep before 5:30pm he wakes 3 times a night because he is wide awake. But he cracks it around 4:30pm every night but I just have to keep him busy until 5pm to bath him. Or I’ve learnt when food shopping it’s easy with no pram and having him in the front pack, I’ve learnt you work around Lorenzo’s sleep routine not go out before he has had at least one nap at home first or he will not be easy or happy when out.

This has all been trial and error for me but I guess for every first time mum it’s like this. At least with my second I’ll have my shit together or semi together.

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