I am pretty

I went and saw I feel pretty with a few of my work friends and not only did I find the movie to be so funny but I was so surprised how relatable and how much I could connect to the movie. I won’t spoil it for anyway who hasn’t seen it yet because you need to go see it!

After the movie a few girls and I were talking about and out of the work girls I’m probably the biggest in weight compared to them because the rest are stick thin and amazing but it was these girls who said how much they could relate and that really took me by surprise because to me what skinny person has problems with feel pretty and clothing..

I went home with a completely different mind set towards every body shape and how people see themselves. I learnt we live in a world that no matter your shape, height or sexuality we are all fighting the same battle and We all just want to feel accepted.

I’ve been struggling with my weight long before I fell pregnant and I’ve been fighting my own demands on this subject and it’s been a struggle, I had a nice moment between mother and son and got Hayden to snap that moment for me but when I looked at this picture all I could see was the negatives so I deleted it I’ll never get that moment back. But after seeing this movie I’ve changed the way I think now I’m not giving up on exercise and I still will be trying to live a healthy lifestyle for my family but it’s not about that anymore it’s about feeling enough and feeling confident it’s about waking up in the morning and feeling content & happy it’s about feeling free and able to leave the house without worry of what the world thinks about my outfit today.

To me this is a lifestyle change that will take time and won’t happen over night. I was reading this book about self love and the main thing that stood out to me was “In order to bring happiness into your life you must be happy.”

It was also a self help book hence the quote but I found it to be a interesting read it gives you tips for a happier life and finding yourself within.

The first was more sleep, at first I thought how the heck will sleep help me but I guess a full 8 hours makes you more relaxed and refreshed for your day ahead. And the book said about how this will help you also have a successful day.

Getting outside helps you to find happiness in your inner self.

Finding the time to for self reflection which as a mum I thought this would be hard but I find that when I’m in the shower I put on my new app which is called “instant timer” and it has heaps of self help podcasts and breathing & relaxation podcasts.

less tv time is also a massive one to finding happiness in with yourself and getting outside more.

I guess these few little changes will and can change the way you see yourself and in return that’s how this will reflect back.

I’ve decided to make these little changes within and hopefully will see improvements within and out.

But it’s nice to know that losing weight to be stick thin isn’t going to bring me happiness it’s only going to bring new confident issues it’s a never ending cycle until you make improvements in your life to feel happy and confident and it’s not all about weight.

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