How I just survived colic

Before Lorenzo was officially diagnosed with lactose intolerant it was hell! Every time we saw our child health nurse she gave us such bad advice but as a new mum I took it and rolled with it, because she was meant to have her shit together.

But for the first two months of Lorenzo’s life he was the fussiest baby ever, always had to be on me, always crying on and off, hated being on his Bach & would throw up his whole feeds and couldn’t keep them down and never could burp for us. He never really had great bowel movements and his poor little tummy was always bloated and rock hard. I found myself crying more than once daily!

Lorenzo hated his back and only would sleep & stop crying if he was on his stomach so yes for the first month we co slept and when I say slept I mean he would sleep and I would get break sleep on and off because I can’t sleep on my back but I had to do what I had to do..

I would hide on the toilet that was my alone time, I would tell Hayden it’s his turn I need to pee, but the reality was I took my phone and just sat their like I was in time out for five minutes. But man those five minutes were heavily!

I don’t why but music just made Lorenzo stop crying so my house became a nightclub that was open all hours very fast! And I was that sleep deprived I would dance as well for extra entertainment for Lorenzo… but you do anything to keep it calm and silent for a while.

I stopped listening to everyone’s advice and did what works for me, I took him to the doctor and got secretary advice and was stocked to learn that every time I changed formula I was doing more harm then good. But this is what the child health nurse said to do. It was all about trail and error she said..

Special colic bottles are your best friend that don’t make the crying go away but the discomfort for your baby improves a little. One think that helped me so much was in between feeds I would also feed a few spoon fulls of water to help that tummy pass wind a little better.

To any mothers out their who have a baby with colic, girl I have been their and you feel like it’s a never ending dead road but it will pass!! Have a wine and go hide in a room and enjoy that alone time of two minutes. It’s the best two minutes ever

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