It’s time!

Holy moly my son is starting solids next week! My little bottle fed baby is now 4 months and very much ready for food!

I am a little sad because it definitely means those new born baby feels are long gone and he is just growing up way too fast! But I’m also so excited to see how he likes food and trying all these new things!

I’m only starting him of with fruit and vegetables until he is six months, and of course he still will be having bottles just less.

The way I will be starting purée with Lorenzo is pretty simple, I always recommend to parents to start off with one fruit or vegetable first for two weeks to see if they get a reaction from it or not, if not add a different fruit and vegetable in and repeat. I recommend this because it’s a good way to ease and transition them into solids and too also find out if they react to these foods or not.

My first fruit and vegetable of choice is apple and pumpkin. I mixed up apple and got a ice cube tray to pour them in. Once he has adjusted to Apple I’ll put him on pumpkin.

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