Lorenzo’s 4 month update

There isn’t too many drastic changes from his 3 month update but their are still a few.

Now that Lorenzo is 4 months I can definitely tell the newborn stage is gone and he is showing his little personality really well, heaps more chatty and awake for longer periods of the day!

He used to be my fussy little boy but the one big change I’ve noticed is that he is very chilled and relaxed and only cries when hungry or tired or just woken up from a sleep. He loves to just play and sometimes he just wants to play by himself and is so happy and content doing so.

Lorenzo’s routine:

  • He takes 3 naps a day. Which one is for 3 hours and the other two are just for 1 hour each.
  • He goes to bed at 6pm every night and wakes only once which is at 2am for a feed and back to sleep until 6am
  • Lorenzo is sleeping in his own room and doing so well!


  • His bottles have been cut down to only 3 a day of 180mls and he now gets food once a day which is usually around lunch time. I will be adding in more food but this is his first week so starting off small but next week it will be 2 feeds a day which will be breakfast and lunch and then I’ll add in dinner feeds as well.


  • Grabbing objects
  • Holding objects well
  • Baby talking
  • Smiles and responds well when other people are talking to him
  • Strong neck support
  • Strong muscle in his legs and loves a good kick.
  • When on Tummy he now brings his right leg up to his tummy as if he is going to crawl. He is definitely getting the moves correctly but obviously still not their
  • Pinching and grabbing

Liked & dislikes

  • He loves his hands and putting everything and anything in their!
  • Loves bath time and just anything with water
  • Loves music and been sung too
  • Loves going out rather then being home all the time
  • Still doesn’t like being on his back for too long but if kept busy he doesn’t notice
  • Hates when things bang or drop and make loud sounds he will cry
  • He loves soft toys and cuddles them well
  • Likes being read too and looks at all the pictures
  • Loves food!

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