First week back at work

For anyone that is new to my blogs I have a four month old little boy who is named Lorenzo. Since day one of his life I’ve been by his side for every milestone, last week my paid leave ended and I went back to work.

When I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to come back, I couldn’t wait to be back into routine… clearly was living in fairy land or something, because my first week was a emotional wreck!

First day back I walked in and everyone was so excited to see me and my first response was to cry. My first week I felt so many different emotions it was crazy.

I felt like Lorenzo would forget who his mummy is because he will no longer spend that time with me. I went from being with him every second of the day to working 9-5:30pm everyday.

I felt like a horrible mother leaving him and spending my day with other people’s children and not my own.

I hated when Lorenzo had to go to sleep at night because I knew when he woke up I would have to leave him. But I also hated when he woke up because it meant I had to get ready for a new day of work.

going back to work was hard to try and get back into routine, I think the first week my little family and I just ordered Uber eats because both daddy & mummy work full time and both too lazy to cook after a long day of work.

But I made it! I got sick after the first 3 days of being their but I did it. And by my second week back I’ve definitely adopted myself into a new routine that seems to work and it feels good. And Lorenzo has been way more cuddly with his mumma and has definitely turned into a mummy’s boy which I secretly love.

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