Lorenzo’s five months!

My little buggy eyed baby is five months old and it’s crazy. I wish he could just stay a newborn forever but I guess not!


  • 4am wake up bottle 210mls / back to bed
  • 6:30am wake up
  • 7am food purée
  • 8:30am bottle
  • 9am first nap until 11am
  • 11am purée
  • 1pm second nap until 3pm
  • 5pm bottle
  • 6pm purée
  • 6:30pm bath
  • 7pm bed time


  • Rolling over
  • Good grip
  • Holding own bottle
  • Baby talk all the time
  • Starting to sit up on own aka lots of crunches from him.
  • Can press on buttons on toys on and off etc.
  • eating 3 times a day
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Core strength is great, does the super man pose very well!
  • Able to sit on his own for a few seconds before falling
  • Is right handed baby but does still grip with both
  • Able to reach out and grab an object
  • Mimic sounds well
  • Understands the difference between his toy puppy and a real puppy


  • Music
  • Singing too
  • Dogs
  • Toys that light up and make sounds
  • Likes mango/ pumpkin/ avocado/ potatoe
  • Likes soft cuddly toys
  • Likes books and trying to read
  • Likes trees and watching them move
  • Likes the vacuum
  • Likes the sounds of bikes and loud things
  • Like a peek a boo
  • Likes playing with mummy and daddy


  • Carrot & apricot
  • Being in his pram for a long period of time
  • Dislikes when things or people he doesn’t know gets right up in his face.

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