Our crazy busy life

I swear the older Lorenzo gets the harder it’s becoming to have any free time or just time!?

Our new routine is just a busy one! Between work/ parenting & studying I really don’t know how women who have more then one child do it! I take my hat off to them I really do because I probably have a breakdown once a week I can only just imagine if I had two kids.

Our weekdays go a little something like this.

5am- Hayden’s phone goes off for work which also wakes me up.

5:30am- I do a quick workout before I have a shower ( I try every morning to workout but let’s be honest I probably only get two workouts a week.)

6:30am- get dressed for work and do my make up and hair.

7am- I begin to pack Lorenzo’s bag and get his food and bottles ready for the day

7:30am- Lorenzo wakes up and I get him all ready – bath, dressed and a feed.

8am- we head of to work and daycare.

8:30am- breakfast for me which at the moment is a green tea and two slices of cheese & ham. ( trying to be healthy.)

9am to 5:30pm- I work

5:30pm- I’ve finished for the day and I pick up Lorenzo from his room and we head home.

6pm- food/ bottle for Lorenzo / start cooking dinner

6:30pm- bed time for him

7pm- I get to eat dinner then clean the kitchen. Then prepare bottles for the next day which means cleaning them and boiling the water jug.

8pm- I get ready for bed and I just get into bed and spend time on my phone for a bit then I fall asleep around 8:30pm ish.

On weekend it’s slightly different and I fit in studying in their somewhere. I will do a updated weekend routine for you all this weekend and make it a fun one.

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