7 months update

Every month when I finally have a moment to sit and write these milestone updates I still can’t seem to get over the fact he’s one whole month older. When people say the new born stage goes by so fast, they really are telling the truth. I saw a newborn at the doctors today and my old he was so tiny and Lorenzo looked like a toddler compared to him.

Life update•

Lorenzo is definitely enjoying daycare he gets to have way more messy play and all the toys in the world.


Oh boy! The struggles I keep facing with his formula is still very much real. Back and forth to doctors for the same Dam outcomes. They eventually put him on a reflux tablet ( which made it so much worse) so they took him off that and were very surprised it did the opposite effect. They eventually found the source of the issue and he has a allergy to the milk powder they use in most milk products and will need to be re allergy tested when he is one to see if it’s a baby allergy or a lifestyle allergy.

We have since put him on a allergy formula called ( Novalac allergy) which is made by the brand ( elevit) its a weat based formula and I cannot rave about it any more then I do!

Lorenzo is now eating meat solids not just fruits and veggies. He has two cubes a meal and 3 meals a day plus his 4 bottles still.


Well he was a great sleeper but we have taken two steps back and not forward. He wakes from 2am and goes back down at 4am! I’m honestly hoping it’s a fave but if you’ve got any tips leave a comment because I need some!


• can sit up on his own

• gets on his hands and knees but not yet crawling.

• grasping objects very well with both hands

• recognises his Name and will respond

• waves bye bye ( only sometimes still working on it)

• repeats sound effects and actions

• first word was ( dadda)

• can hold his own bottle well

• is showing signs of being left handed

• is very attached to his dummy it’s his safety blanket

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