Ollie the owl

This blog will be a review on a baby item that I use with Lorenzo, if this is a style blog you like let me know in the comments below.

When Lorenzo first moved to his own room he definitely struggled a little because he and I did co sleep for the first month of his life. Don’t get me wrong he was definitely ready to move to his own room because he would wake with any little movement from Hayden and I. My sister suggested a noise sounder for his room, which I did look into but I really couldn’t justify spending about $200 on one. So I began to google and I came across Ollie the owl from the brand grostore. Then I saw the price and was so happy it was only going to cost me $80 (AUS) which compared to $200 is great.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about here is a quick over view of the product.

Ollie the owl has 4 different comfort sounds, which are the sound of a heart beat, rain, white nose and calming music. Also has a night light on the belly, which is a extra bonus.

Ollie the owl also detects your baby’s cry and will instantly play a calming sound of your choice. Which when it’s late at night and your baby begins to wake Ollie the owl will do its magic!

The calming sounds of your choice will play for 20 minutes straight which is definitely plenty of time for your baby to fall asleep, the light also shines for 30 minutes. I don’t know why the light is longer then the sounds but Ollie still does a good job with my son.

Ollie the owl is run by battery which personally this is its only down side, only being because I do use the light and sounds every night but I do find that when you use the light and sound, the battery does run out quicker rather then if you don’t turn on the night light. I definitely feel this is it’s ONLY reason I dislike.

Lorenzo definitely sleeps so much better with his Ollie owl and I definitely take him anywhere where we go and the other great thing is Ollie the owl also comes in a travel size for the pram or car seat.

I highly recommend this product and will leave a link to the website down below and they have so much other amazing products.

Ollie the owl

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