3 Annoying things a working mother is over hearing about!

Honestly being a mother is hard work and whatever life choice you decide to take, that be a full time working mother or a stay at home mother we are all still human at the end of day with feelings and still have to face all the same issues and struggles whatever that maybe.

And when I was pregnant I thought I could do this and go back to work full time and it be all sunshine and roses, boy was I wrong! Coming back to work full time and being a mother to a 7 month old baby full time and just doing your everyday day to day stuff has taken a massive toll on me and my stress and anxiety levels have been going crazy. But when people make comments and pass judgement those are the people who make you feel lower then low. These are the few comments I’ve received since going back to work that really boils me.

  • I take my hat off to mothers who work full time, it must be so hard to leave your child. ( this was a comment one of my other staff members name who only works two days a week.) I honestly didn’t think this comment would effect me so much but it did, yes it’s hard being a full time educator and full time mother, and yes it’s hard being away from my child but having someone make a comment just adds that mum pressure that society has a hold on of being the perfect mother the days I am with my child so that I don’t feel guilty that my child is in daycare 4 days a week well I work.
  • I remember when we added a new puppy into the mix of all this craziness and again I got a very similar comment, I don’t know how you do it, I couldn’t. It’s like having a second child. Yes I’m full aware of this and that’s what we wanted, we wanted our children to grow up with a dog and this was our a big thing which YES it’s crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • When I chose to come back to work and was finding it hard I lot of the other staff kept asking if I could just go part time or stay at home, I definitely took this comment personally because I felt like the other women who are mothers their selfs should already understand that to have children you need money, you need to save for their future, I want to give Lorenzo everything in life, I want to save up for trips with him, I want to buy his first car for him, I want to help pay towards his future and living off one income just won’t give Lorenzo the life he deserves so Hayden and I made the choice of both being full time parents and bringing in that extra income so that our children can have the things we missed out on. And already we have our first family trip to Scotland next year planned and saving towards which we wouldn’t be able to do without my income.
  • I understand that this lifestyle is not for everyone, I understand that most of my followers are mothers and some are probably stay at home mothers and this doesn’t relate to them or they don’t understand and I am aware their are probably things that us full time working mothers say and don’t understand about stay at home mothers. I definitely would love to hear your annoying comments you have been given.
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