Sensory activities for a 7 month old

Now that Lorenzo is 7 months and can sit up on his own freely I have had way more fun with making our weekends enjoyable and sensory fun. Here are just a few of the examples I’ve been doing and you can too!

Why sensory play is most important:

The reason I have a lot of sensory experiences with Lorenzo is because sensory play stimulates a babies mind, the key areas are touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing. Sensory experiences encourage children to use scientific processes while they play.

Paint! Painting with babies is messy, fun and a very big/ main sensory experience for them. It covers most of the sensory activities such as touch, sight, textures. For Lorenzo I went out and bought 4 different paint brushes all different textures, one is soft, one is cut up fabric, one is rubber and one is a net. Lorenzo played with the paint brushes before painting with them.

Puzzles! Now puzzles can not only being a sensory activity but it comes under so much more, but for the sensory side its great! Puzzles are never the same. Puzzles can come in all different colours, sizes, shapes. This is perfect for your baby to understand and get to know his or her colours and shapes. It also can come under engineering because it’s making your baby process where the puzzle fits.

Music box!

This is definitely the hearing part to sensory play.

Water play! This is a great everyday routine turned sensory experience. I usually give Lorenzo heaps of different shape toys in the bath.

Play dough!

Make a sensory book!

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