Night routine with a 7 month old.

My nights are very crazy so naturally I thought I would add extra pressure and blog it!

Tonight is Wednesday and we got home around 5:40pm. After a busy day of work the first thing I want to do is sit and put my feet up but that’s the last thing.

First thing first is Lorenzo’s night time bottle. He drinks about 180mls warmed up.

Then it’s bath time!!! Lorenzo loves bath time and has loved baths since birth, he could play for hours if I let him.

Then it’s PJ party time! It’s still a bit chilly at night here but warm during the day so he wears his bonds wonder suits that we love so much!

And then it’s time for our night time reading. I’ve been reading books to Lorenzo since he was in my belly and he has loved books since birth, every night we read a different story and he always has the biggest smiles when he sees books. Tonight was guess how much I love you which is a super cute story.

By the time it’s story time it’s about 6:35pm. And sometimes he’s ready for bed and sometimes he flights it. But I set his room up after book time

After his room is all set for the night most of the time he goes to bed but tonight he missed his late afternoon nap which means he then flights his night sleep. So at this point he was given to daddy for daddy duty well I start dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was satay chicken with rice. But daddy couldn’t calm a tired baby so he took over with dinner and mummy put Lorenzo to sleep.

Once he was sleeping I put him in his cot and I finally get to sit down which is 7pm on the dot! Tonight was a friends kind of night.

Then after dinner and tv time I go have my shower and get into to bed. By the time I’m in bed it’s 8:30pm, I sit on my phone and social media for a while before I fall asleep.

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