8 months of loving you

We are 3 months away from Lorenzo turning 1! This is crazy to me that it’s been 8 months with my boy now. Lorenzo has been doing so much so this milestone update will be a good one!

First things first I’ve been using the app baby sparks for all Lorenzo’s updated milestones and check lists etc. I highly recommend this app.

Gross motor:

  • Lorenzo can now sit up by himself with no assistance needed
  • He is able to sit up from the crawling position on his own.
  • Gets in the crawling position and can rock back and force but not yet crawling.
  • Can stand and lean on items on his own.

Fine motor:

  • Can reach and grab objects on his own very well.


  • Takes interest in peoples faces and facial hair


  • Imitates sounds
  • Can say words such as dada & hi


  • likes cuddles
  • Likes reading
  • Likes singing
  • Likes outside play
  • Likes messy play
  • Likes painting
  • Loves his food


  • Lying on his back
  • Be alone for too long
  • Dislikes when you don’t feed him faster to his liking 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Dislikes loud sounds near him


Lorenzo is forming a little personality that’s being very brave and kind of a dare seeker, I guess that’s all boys though. And loves to play the tantrum card a few times.

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