Our first family camping trip!

Hayden and I definitely enjoyed our last camping trip and said that we wanted camping to be our family thing that we do every year, so when a family camp planned by my in laws cane up we said yes. This camping trip is a little bit of a sad one as it’s with a family member that unfortunately has cancer but we are determined to make it a camping trip to remember!

Now camping we’ve done before but not with a baby. So yes this one might be a little bit crazy for us. Camping in the middle of no where in tents with a 8 month old. Call us crazy or very stupid we will soon see. For this camping trip we ended up having to buy heaps of new things and stuff we didn’t really have much off. Which has made this trip a bit costly but we are super prepared for our next camping trip. Our two man tent just wasn’t going to cut it anymore now we have Lorenzo and we needed something with heaps of space and that could fit a travel size cot in, plus space for our blow up bed. So yes we had to spend the one on one of those big 8 man person tent that has 3 rooms. It came to $180 just for our tent but definitely worth the investment and now we have two tents which you never know, might become useful later down the track.

On top of buying a new tent we had to buy lights which we picked up from Kmart for very cheap ” can’t go wrong with a Kmart trip.” And a table which also was a cheap one from Kmart and a new pump for our blow up mattress we bought at the start of the year. So all those little items plus the tent I think came to around $200 ish which isn’t too bad. But of course you need food! Which usually isn’t too bad but now we have a baby to feed so we had to stock up of pre made packs which is a lot easier then me making him food for the week, formula and extra nappies plus the swimming nappies. So added all that in our food bill came to about $180 ish. Which again isn’t too bad we definitely didn’t go over board and buy endless junk food we don’t need and no alcohol on this trip.

We are camping at a new place we have never been before and looking forward to exploring what this place as to offer. I’ve done the good old Instagram tag to see people’s pictures and it looks amazing. The down payment to camp came to a total of $160 for the week. Which again isn’t too bad. This is for a power site which of course cost extra so we could of gone non powered but we have our stove top we take camping. So in total our trip I think is costing us a total of $400 ish or maybe more.

Packing for this trip ended up being a whole weekends worth due to have a baby and actually needing so much stuff. And I guess being the mother of the house I now understand why mothers always stress before leaving on a trip. For some crazy reason before I could even start packing I decided the whole house needed a massive clean and when I say massive I mean buy carpet cleaning and spraying the carpets then vacuum. But my thought process is my house will be clean when we get back so it will be less stressful coming home.

When it finally came down to packing I did what any other crazy person would do and make a massive list and tick everything off as I went packing it all up.

I then sat with Lorenzo and got all his toys out of his toy books and began seeing which toys he took interest in the most and started packing them. We are in the middle of nowhere when camping so I don’t want him to get board, I even bought a few activities for us to do well their. I bought bubbles and play dough.

Once we had picked our toys mummy put them in a bag and made a area of the house our camping pile to put in the car.

Before I could start packing a lot of our clothes I had so much washing to catch up on first I had a few of Lorenzo’s clothes that needed washed plus bed sheets for his travel cot and the sheets on his cot now so that when we come back their nice and fresh and our bed sheets too. So one day was just full of load after load of washing.

Once everything is packed and ready to go, we decided to clean the car before packing the car. Why because we are crazy, it didn’t even need a clean that much but that’s what too crazy parents who stress end up doing.

We finally got to relax before waking up bright and early and leaving on our trip.

Our car trip to the camp site was about a two hour drive which doesn’t seem too bad but add a 8 month old baby our drive turned into two and half hours, we had to stop and feed Lorenzo and get him out of the car so he could go for a little walk by walk I mean we walked him but he enjoyed the fresh air. Then it was back in the car for the next hour drive which he was so much better fore because he had food in his belly and was one happy kid. But can I just say I now understand why parents have iPads in the car! And this is coming from a parent that doesn’t want to give my child any form of technology until he starts school. But we made it, we did have to listen to some old school Disney and daddy wasn’t a fan of frozen but mummy and Lorenzo enjoyed it.

Once we got to the camp site we had a amazing afternoon and Lorenzo actually did so well camping, he definitely is a outside boy

But unfortunately our night routine wasn’t as smooth as the day and unfortunately it ended with Lorenzo sleeping in our bed and not in his travel cot but all in all he did pretty well.

We woke bright and early! Too early if you ask me thanks to the early birds waking Lorenzo, but we made the most of the day with a early 5am walk to visit the cows

again we had a great day! Lorenzo has been showing off his new crawling moves and it’s getting better and better, we took him down to the water to dip his legs but he did get a little scared, we went into town to explore and mostly just relaxed most of the days.

Again our nights were not enjoyable and our mornings started off at the crack of dawn everyday with a morning walk.

We found all these cool things to do to kill time and Lorenzo had plenty of pre planed activities for the days he got a little bored.

Now that I’ve experienced camping with a baby these are some of the tips I will probably keep up my sleeve for next time.

Tips for camping with a baby:

  • Bring a play pen or gate to make a little area for your child, I brought a travel cot that also doubles as a play pen but unfortunately Lorenzo just wanted to be on the grass and not stuck in the travel cot, but this meant he was crawling in areas that had no shade etc. and became very un-relaxing for me.
  • If you are camping with a tent I highly suggest buying tent that the baby has a different room to yours or different tent all together. We have a 8 man big tent which is massive for just 3 people but it’s all one big tent and unfortunately Lorenzo woke to even the sound of the zip coming in and out of the tent.
  • Bring a spray bottle for your little baby! It got very hot during the days and Lorenzo spent most of the days naked because he would over heat but i would say ” I wish I had a spray bottle with cold water for him.”
  • Bring a play mat! The best thing I packed, Lorenzo had all his toys and could just sit and play.

Things we wish we did differently

  • Technology for the car rides! And yes i know too much screen time is bad for such little babies but when you have a two hour car ride that your baby will scream because that’s a long time in the car, I wish I had just the wiggles on for his to see or something educational to watch to keep him calm. Because I had heaps of toys and he just ended up throwing them down the side of his car seat and we couldn’t get to them.
  • Prepared better! We just thought Lorenzo would sleep in the travel cot no questions asked but how dumb are we if he had never had a sleep in the travel cot before! So I wish we set that up at home and did a trial run of naps at home in the cot before taking it camping.
  • Bring a broom! Grass with a crawling baby gets everywhere and I wish the tent stayed that little bit cleaner.

Would I go camping again with my 8 month old!?

I think short weekend trips is best for us right now but definitely not a whole week until he is a lot older! His routine is so out of control it’s crazy and now we are trying to put him back into routine at home again. Also I’ve decided a tent is just not family friendly and I want a caravan.

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