The kind of mother I want to be

Growing up in my household was a very different household to my friends, my family doesn’t do hugs or the I love you”s before bed kind of stuff, and I guess as a child I really needed that and wanted that. So i always said my parenting style would be completely different to my parents.

But just because our family doesn’t show the love too much doesn’t mean I don’t love them any less. It just means I have chosen to raise my family differently compared to how I was raised.

I want to be the mother that my son comes to for anything without hesitation. I want to be the mother that I always watched on Gilmore girls growing up but also the mother who their children know they can’t walk all over so I guess a happy balance between nice and not so nice.

But I always want to be the Oprah Winfrey to my children who give out those amazing life speeches like ” you don’t need no man!”

But I also can’t want to embrace my son and be that goofy mum which I know I will be!

I want my son and any future children to grow up feeling proud of the childhood they got given and tell their children all about the memories we will build.

Being a mother has been the biggest blessing to happen to me, I really didn’t realise how much I needed this until my son was born. He has been the glue to our family and has been the something I needed and I didn’t even realise I needed him.

Motherhood is the most amazing journey that I’ve only just started and I can’t wait to see were this journey continues to take us.

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