9 months earth side

Wow I can’t believe this was me 9 months pregnant, 9 months ago… it’s true when people say you miss the bump because I’m definitely missing the pregnancy feeling.

9 months with this ever so cheeky monkey.

Gross motor:

  • Can pull to stand
  • Crawling “everywhere and into everything.”
  • Can go from sitting to crawling
  • Can sit in a high chair correctly

Fine motor:

  • Can grip with his fingers and his palm very well.
  • Can grab thin objects such as shoelaces
  • Can carry objects well crawling
  • Can open and close doors and draws


  • Can find a toy he has hidden or missed placed well.
  • Waits for approval
  • Can chat away and play with his toys at the same time.


Is now saying words such as

  • “Ta” when passing a object
  • Bubba is only used with our dog so I think this is him saying dog.
  • Mumma
  • Dadda


  • Can pick one type of toy out of a group of toys. For example if you put a toy out that plays music in a mix of other toys, every time he will pick the music toy.

Self care:

  • Can hold and feed himself his own bottle
  • Can hold his own spoon and will “try” to feed himself
  • Can feed himself with finger food.

Social – emotional:

  • Is aware when we say “no” not to touch
  • Repeats the same sounds you make to him
  • Displaying moods “very well” might I add.

Other developments:

  • When playing with “containers” if given all different sizes he can work out himself how to fit them all into one.
  • Gets bored more easy from the same stimulating game
  • Becomes aware of heights and shows fear
  • Has favourites
  • Demonstrating fear around new people or places.


  • The wiggles ” loves Emma wiggle at the moment.”
  • Likes messy play with water and paints
  • Likes toys that challenge him and are puzzle type toys.
  • Likes he food
  • Likes dogs
  • Likes books
  • Likes musical toys
  • Likes been sung too ” loves baby shark”


  • The vacuum he thinks it might eat him
  • Dislikes getting dressed and it’s getting harder for mummy.
  • Car rides, cries because he can’t see us. Even tho we have a mirror for him. “mummy can’t wait for forward facing.”
  • Hates when someone takes away his food or a toy from him

Foods I feed Lorenzo:

  • Mash potato with cut up pieces of meat
  • Spaghetti mince with some type of pastas but not all just yet.
  • Has had chicken nuggets cut up once
  • Veggies with sweet potato mash
  • Toast with “nutlex butter” cut up for breakfast
  • Wit-bix with water mashed up

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