Lorenzo is One!

I think I’m going to miss these milestone updating each month, but I’m sure for baby number two I’ll be in full swing again.

What Can Lorenzo can do at 12 Months:

  • Point at items and people.
  • Stand holding on & walking holding onto objects
  • crawling very well
  • Pulls himself to standing
  • Has transitioned from baby bottles to toddler cups and water bottles.
  • Hold his own spoon & fork to feed himself
  • can hold a pencil to draw and can baby scribble
  • can pick up all different shape & sizes items with ease.
  • Lorenzo can say a few clear words such as cheese, two,mum,kate,dad,hello,hi,ta etc.
  • can shake his head to say “No” but still doesn’t understand the word “no”
  • can have a whole conversation with you “In baby talk” you can tell which mood he is in via the chat, he shows emotions well.
  • Talks to himself when playing well.
  • Understands “bed” means bedtime “nana” means banana, “TaTa” means bye
  • Throws a ball well
  • can sound and point at what he wants
  • shows affection for example gives kisses when we leave him or good night kisses
  • waves bye bye

Lorenzo likes:

  • Baby shark
  • Food ” he could eat all day.”
  • loves water play
  • loves outside play
  • music
  • dancing
  • loud toys
  • pillows
  • animals
  • Chicken nuggets

Lorenzo’s dislikes:

  • Hates been woken up
  • hates being put to bed too early or too late it has to be just on time.
  • hates highs
  • scared of the unknown

12 month photos.jpg

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