Weekday routine

I work full time as a educator which means from Monday to Friday my days go something like this. Our mornings start at 6am every morning and it’s straight to breakfast, for breakfast most mornings we have oats

Morning oats with strawberries and honey 🍯

Everyday Lorenzo is given what I call to him a lollie but it’s his daily vitamin, I wish I could say I’ve noticed a improvement but I haven’t of yet and am thinking of switching brands to see if this helps. If anyone uses a brand for your child and love please leave a comment down below!

Natures way vitamins

After breakfast and all that Jazz it’s usually 6:30am and that’s when I put on tv for Lorenzo, I know some might freak that I just put Lorenzo in front of a tv but when your by yourself in the mornings and you also need to get ready the tv becomes your go to. He also plays with his toys so sometimes it’s just on in the background for him. Once we are all ready to go and both dressed and bags packed, it’s out the door. We are always out by 7:30am

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