What’s in Lorenzo’s daycare bag

For daycare Lorenzo doesn’t need to take to much as the centre provides nappies, food and his special milk if any mum is looking for daycares I highly recommend one like this as it just makes life that little bit easier.

Lorenzo loves his kindy & teachers and even his bag! His Aunty bought him this little cute crocodile bag for kindy. And I too like it. We used to have a paw patrol bag but it was just way to big for him, with this little bag he actually can walk around with it on his bag very happily.

In his daycare bag we have his cot sheets for his bed which every Monday we bring fresh clean sheets for the week he is at daycare. Then I pack two different outfits for his spare clothes, I then pack wipes because it’s always messy having a child so wipes are everywhere. I do pack a dummy for his sleep time and his comfort item from home. But this is about all that goes to daycare! Pretty simple, if you would like to see what we pack in our weekend bag for Lorenzo or my mummy bag just give this post a like!

Lorenzo’s croc bag

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