I survived

This week the hubby had work away and has been in a different state all week. so I’ve been on mum, doggie, home provider and still going to work mode all on my own.

Before I begin, I take my hat off to single parents because you don’t truly realise what the other parent helps out with until they are gone and your left to take on all roles by yourself. Being a alone has been twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears and no room left in your tank for yourself.

I think I cried more than my toddler did this week most of it was down to just missing my hubby and actually having a conversation with someone once enzo goes to bed at night and some of it was down to being very tired.

And work became by “me time.” Which I work with about 26 kids max a day so it’s funny how this slowly became my “me time.” When In fact it’s far from it. But once I dropped Lorenzo off I slowly could feel my body relaxing, and I love my son to death but a 14 month 24/7 with no help is hard!

Our family dog Zeus who is a real daddy’s boy slowly became a mummies boy which has been nice and also very annoying because I now have a toddler and a dog follow me when I need to pee, but hubby did say I needed to bond more with the dog.

Look I did forget to take the bins out this week because this isn’t my job but hubby clearly isn’t even in the same state to do that and I naturally forgot. So he’s going to come home to full bins… sorry not sorry hunny!

This week I was thankful for Lorenzo being a routined child! This did make planning the nights easier for me and when to cook dinner for us both and run his bath before bed, and after two days we both had our routine down pat and I’m actually scared for hubby to come home and kinda mess that up.

The house has been and stayed so clean this week! I honestly always thought it was having a toddler that made the house messy, but it’s been so nice not picking up my husbands shoes that he takes off and leaves around, or his work clothes that he leaves on the floor even though we have a perfectly good washing basket.

So although I survived and did well part from the bins not been taken out! I remembered to feed the dog every morning and night, still managed to work full time, come home bath my kid, cook him and I dinner and clean up after both of us, I sneaked gym in this week, also stayed on top of washing and even still managed 8 hours of sleep! I do miss the hubby and Lorenzo definitely is starting to notice daddy hasn’t been home for a few days now. I can’t wait to see Lorenzo’s face when he finally sees his daddy for the first home this week. I definitely will record that and post to instagram if you would like to check that out go follow my instagram page Kate.caesar94

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