My instagram inspiration

I love instagram! I love connecting with our mothers and I love seeing how other parents interact with their little ones. So today I thought I would do a very different style on blog and give you a glimpse into who i love to follow and why.

First thing first if you would like to follow my instagram page and connect with me through there I would love to say hello.

I’m going to break it down and split up the instagram pages I love to follow by categories, also these are mum related instagrams for those who don’t have interest I don’t think this is the blog post for you.

First category: instagram inspiration!

These are the pages I follow and love just the over all feel of the pictures and the themes etc.

first one is actually a friend of mine who just had her second child a little girl! I have the pleasure of knowing her personally and watching her grow on instagram!

These are more of my personal favourites for inspiration.

Second category: helpful & useful for me.

These are instagram pages I turn to for tips and help with household things or food shopping & budging.

Obviously these are Australian pages to help me but for my America following definitely browse around instagram to check if there could be helpful pages for you.

I love this page for nutrition value and helping me buy the best and most healthier options for my toddler.

Third category: children’s brands I love and will most likely buy from.

I love supporting small children’s boutiques and also love buying from local kids shops too. So these are a few of my instagram pages I love, first one is a brand someone I knew from high school has started a little online boutique with her mum and i love all the little things she sells.

Always wanted one of those cool “mama” tops I know just the page

Fourth category: educational

Being a educator and a mother I love finding new ways to teach my son but do it in a fun way that he will love and so will I, this category is short and sweet but I honestly love her page and find myself bringing in those ideas at work and with my son at home. Highly recommend the follow!

Hope you have enjoyed a little look inside who i like to follow and why, if you have any recommendations for me to follow or you think I should follow your instagram I would love for you to leave a comment down below and I will definitely give it a look!

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