My Netflix guilty pleasures

Every mum loves their child but every mum loves when bed time actually hits and you get to finally take that bra off and get in your comfy clothes and sit on the couch and watch something other then the wiggles or child related, or is this just me!

My guilty pleasures are definitely Netflix with some junk food in my pjs. Or a hot bath with the laptop watching Netflix. Either way Netflix is 99% of the time always on in our house.

So I’m going to share with you guys some of my favourite shows to binge watch and movies to relax and unwind too.

Netflix tv shows i love!

I’m a massive Gilmore girls fan, I have my mother to thank for this. Growing up whenever my father worked nights my mum would always watch Gilmore girls and we would have our take away night all in one.

The second show I’ve only just started watching and as of yet I’m still deciding if I love it or if I like it, but it’s definitely got me coming back to watch so there’s something about the show I’m drawn too.

A show I have been loving right now and 100% hooked on is dynasty! I love the drama, the love triangles and family dramas it definitely is a mixed between sex in the city and pretty little liars but the grown up version.

If you haven’t seen good girls yet you are missing out!!! It will have you hooked and wanting more, unfortunately this is new to Netflix and only season one is out so I do pre warn you that once you finish season one you will be googling when season two comes out on Netflix.

Netflix movies i keep on repeat.

As sad as it is for me to say this, to all the boys I’ve loved movie is definitely a movie I watch at least twice a month! It’s a teenage high school love story that my sad 25 year old mum body loves to watch, no shame.

If your looking for a funny movie mixed with romance you can’t go wrong with ” did you hear about the Morgan’s.”

Netflix classics

These are the movies I grew up watching and still will watch from time to time.

What movies are your guilty pleasures? Mine are clearly romantic and girly.

Mummy shark 😘

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