What Lorenzo has taught me

I’ve been a mother for 14 months now and I sometimes find myself looking back on how things used to be or how I used to be and how I see things now.

My world is so different. Hubby and I used to go and fly on little holidays to different states, every Friday we went out on date nights, we used to sleep in and stay home most weekends if we could. Now all of that has changed.

We now spend our travel money on daycare and nice things for our son, we want him to have nothing but nice things, no mater how hard we have to work for it. We spend our mornings playing with our baby boy rather then sleeping in or catching up on housework. We go on date nights once a month and sometimes it’s just a movie night at home.

But I wouldn’t change any of it because we have Lorenzo who is our light on our darkest days and our sunshine on our good days.

Being a mum to a boy is honestly the best that I can’t picture myself with a girl ” although I want a girl next” Lorenzo is funny, sassy, cheeky and just over all a chill kid.

Lorenzo has taught me that mess is ok and it’s actually fun for kids.

He’s taught me love and show affection

He’s brought so much joy and happiness into our lives and also my side of family ” first grandchild.”

He’s taught me that work doesn’t come before family, family always comes first.

He’s taught me how to love myself a little better, to not care so much about what others think of my outfit choices etc.

he’s showed me that there is so much to do & see.

Lorenzo has taught me to see the good in people first, to love and act with compassion.

To be present and not worry so much about the future and enjoy the now with my family.

Being a mother has been the greatest gift from god and the new outlook on my world has been amazing, what’s one thing your child has fought you.

Mummy shark 😘

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