Weekend blog 13th & 14th

This weekend was a very chilled weekend which doesn’t happen too often so it’s been nice.

Woke up Saturday morning and got stuck straight into Easter craft with Lorenzo, he loves anything to do with messy or outside play so of course he had a ball of a time.

This little Easter craft pack we got from Kmart and it was leas then $10 which is amazing, it comes with already made clay Easter items such as a egg, bunny and Easter basket. It also supplies paint and a paint brush.

I definitely love this as a mum and found it easy and fun for a 14 month old to do.

We had a big day of driving and visiting hubbies side of the family they live about an hour away so it was a nice family car trip that Lorenzo had a nap the whole way. When we do go to visit we always leave around Lorenzo’s nap time so that makes the car ride a little easier to handle.

On Saturday night we all went into the city for dinner, Lorenzo wore his cute country road outfit ” so cute!” And loved playing in the park before dinner, Lorenzo doesn’t yet understand restaurant settings and gets bored very easily even when we do put on the wiggles for his to watch, his a kid that definitely can’t sit at a table for too long just yet but I wouldn’t expect him too he’s only 14 months 😂

Our Sunday was a very chilled one, we went to the Sunday markets as a family which we left our phones at home and decided that our Sunday was going to be a no phone day. We do try and do these so we stay more present with our son and give him our full attention, we also on sundays clean! Sunday for some is called a day of rest which for my family it is. We don’t go out we stay home and clean and watch movies and rest.

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