Night routine with me

I love reading and watching night & morning routines from other people and I always share with you guys my sons routines but never my one routine.

Tonight’s routine was a little different then usual and a tad of a spontaneous blog post “living on the edge.” It was my mothers birthday today so we had dinner at my parents and got home around 6:30pm which is usually my sons bedtime.

I thought in the sprite of my mother’s birthday I would share a throw back and the little girl is me with my mother.

Once we go home and hubby and I both put our son to sleep it was finally time for me time. This is the part of my day I do look forward too, I spend my kid free time believe it or not always still doing work.

First part of my night routine is always spending about two hours on my blog, I do work full time and nights are when i finally get to smash out a blog post and write, I actually really enjoy blogging it’s sort of my therapy in a weird kind of way.

After I’ve spent time on my blog as boring as this is to write I will always catch up on washing or some part of house work ” never ending.” Tonight was a load of washing in the washing machine.

Once the washing is on, I head straight to my freezer and take out meat or see what to cook for the following nights dinner and take it out because I always forget in the mornings or I’m just too busy.

Who else spotted the ice cream! I know I did.

After the daily tasks are out the way it’s time for me to finally relax and get out of my work clothes ( it’s a week night.) and tonight I decided for the purpose of the blog ” my thought process.” I would add a little more dramatic effect and run and bath on a week night when 99% of the time I actually just have a shower in saying this I did do 99% of the same routine I would do in a shower in the bath so don’t worry.

Night skin routine is always the same. I’ve been using this brand and pots since pregnancy and haven’t looked back since.

After this face wash and I’ve washed it off obviously it’s straight to the body. For my body wash I’ve been using wellness body scrub from the brand natio I’ve had this stuff for so long and my body always smells amazing afterwards.

After my shower/ bath routine I go and sit on the couch with the hubby and we always watch something at the moment he’s really into a Australia show ” old” called sea patrol and he’s kind of got me hooked ” god only knows why.”

I’m between tv I do start packing Lorenzo’s daycare bag the night before because the mornings can be a little crazy and I’m always on different shifts so it’s just easy.

If you want to know what’s in Lorenzo’s daycare bag I have a blog post you can check it out. This is also when I put the load of washing into the dryer and put it on for a spin.

By this time it’s usually around 8:30-9pm and that’s when I wind down, this is the time I put my phone on charge and get into bed and chose something to relax my mind. I do go between two options, some nights I will turn on the app called calm from the App Store and it looks like this.

And other nights I read my bible and reflect.

Tonight I chose the bible because it was a very long day of work and mixed feelings I really just needed to find purpose in myself again this night. After this I put the bible down and kiss my hubby who at this point is also in bed with me playing games on his phone he calls that his relaxation time ” if that’s what you call it.” And I say a quick prayer to myself and fall asleep.

I hope you enjoyed my night routine most nights this is what I do although this night dinner with my parents doesn’t usually happen and this is my time when I cook dinner and put Lorenzo to bed by 6:30pm and get ready for gym and go do a workout, I am forcing myself to go to gym at least 3 times a week and want to pick it up more.

If you guys liked this style blog please give it a like and I’ll add more of this style blog mixed into my parenting blogs.

Thank you so much for reading

Mummy shark 😘

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