How I deal with Lorenzo’s tantrums

When my son first started having tantrums I was shocked, he had only just turned one and I couldn’t believe that my sweet boy has already hit this stage.

But me in true educator style honestly thought it’s fine I’ve got this I deal with tantrums daily. How silly was I!?

Turns out I knew nothing about tantrums and I knew nothing about how to deal with them. At first i would get upset and try to teach my son by sitting him in “time out for a minute.” Yes because a 14 month old understands “time out.”

I would wonder why it wasn’t working or i would feel like the worlds worst parent because it was my son at daycare who was having most of the tantrums or it’s mine son who annoys his teachers, I didn’t want my child to be the child his teachers didn’t want to deal with. ” this was all in my head” and his teachers love him like he was there own. But this was what played in my head over and over again

Then for me the worst happened, I picked up my son from daycare and I heard he had the worst day he could of possibly had, he bite a child for the first time and just had tantrum after tantrum for no reason. I went home crying, I didn’t know what to do or how to deal with this.

My hubby and I sat down the night after and had a big chat. We spoke about what wasn’t working and how to make things work. We spoke to his teachers at daycare and learnt how they handle the tantrums at daycare and we continued this at home.

One thing I’ve definitely learnt by working as a educator is that consent is key. You can’t be doing one thing at home and the teachers are not or they are doing something differently because it just doesn’t work like that.

After all this hubby and I let Lorenzo finish his tantrums and comfort him. We realised that getting mad isn’t the way to handle the situation because some tantrums Lorenzo doesn’t know why or how to control them because he is still little, and after talking to his teachers he’s also at this age where he is beginning to test boundaries and see what he can and can’t get away with.

We know that when he gets older this isn’t the way to handle them but for now it works for us.

I would love to know if any other parents have been in the same shoes as me and how have you guys defused the situations? And how do you guys deal with your child and tantrums?

Thank you all for following my journey and taking the time out to read my blog

Mummy shark 😘

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