Lose parts play at home

For all those mothers who are stuck on ideas for creativity in getting your child to learn and think outside the box then this is the blog for you!

As Lorenzo is getting older he’s been getting so bored at home because at daycare he is always learning and also doing fun messy and different things. So I’ve been putting my educator hat on and been saving great ideas from Pinterest and I thought I would share.

Before I tell you about my son and what he’s up to with lose parts play I just want to add few informational facts on why lose parts & natural play is so important for children. I’m a educator full time and my work is big on this and at the start I wasn’t sure but now I’m hooked and forever finding ideas!

This is why lose parts and natural play is great.

  • Lose parts play encourages open-ended learning.
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Gross motor, fine motor & hand-eye coordination.
  • Creative minds, using a child’s imagination.
  • Problem solving

These are just a few examples I could give so much more but I will be here all night it’s just amazing what lose parts play can turn into, anyway back to the blog and about my son and how I’m trying new ideas.

My son is only 14 months but can already count to three, again every child is different and Lorenzo also is in daycare full time with a educator for a mother. But because of how good and interested he is with his counting I’ve been looking up ideas on how to turn counting into a fun activity for him.

Obviously this example is for a 4- 5 year old age bracket but I loved it so much! At work and at home I’m a big believer in lose parts learning rather buying pre made items that do all the thinking for your child. This is something you could use out of anything in your household.

Next was this cute Easter craft activity out of plants etc you can find in your yard or local park. I definitely will be trying this one for our long weekend, and a great way to extend on this is by getting your child to collect the plants and leaves etc themselves!

The next one is a great messy painting activity using again whatever you find in your yard. Who needs paint brushes when you have so many goodies at home. Just think of all the different textures and open ended questions your child will ask!

Again this is great example of what I mean with messy and painting!! Doesn’t that look fun.

A great Anzac craft idea I found and again will be trying with my toddler is lose parts poppies.

How creative and effective is this!

Exploring nature with your children.

making homemade play-dough is so easy to do with your children so this natural lose parts play is so easy and fun! And if your little one is a little too young like my baby boy google play-dough made out of fruits! They will love it and they can eat it without any worry.

With your homemade play-dough and natural resources from your home this is just a great messy experience with your child.

Counting doesn’t have to be boring or those teacher flash cards! Make it fun, once again take your child to your yard and find items to use with counting.

A great extension on this fun one for those older kids is making or buying number cards and hiding them in the yard for your children to find, then get them to look at the number and try and find natural items for that number. For example number one, they pick up one rock.

I hope you enjoyed my little education lose parts play ideas for you and your kids. As a educator I’m all about natural and finding creative ways to play with my son and also the kids at work.

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